Your Nursing Questions Answered Here.

Need a quick reference guide? Heard something that you’re just not sure of? Or are you up late nursing your baby and wanted to do some research? This is the place to be!

Getting Started

Skin to Skin

The importance of feeding often

What to expect your first time nursing

Tips for parents to be

The First Few Days & the Fourth Trimester

How to tell if baby is getting enough milk

The scoop on poop


Sweet sleep

Common Concerns, Challenges and Resources

Low supply vs. Perceived low supply

Sore nipples

Plugged ducts


Illness (nursing parent)

Illness (baby)

To Six Months and Beyond

Finding support and like minded community

The importance of self care


Pumping & Returning to Work

Preparing for time away from baby

Weaning & Nutrition


Our Frequently Asked Questions page is continuously being updated and added to so please check back often.

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