by Bridget Muir (Sydney Leader)

Support and connection is important when raising families. This can mean different things to different people. Support does not always mean a partner, or extended family. It can often come as a form of friendship and comradery. In Australia isolation is a huge barrier affecting many families.

La Leche League aims to break down these barriers and provide opportunities for families to connect with like minded folks in their communities, where support can be shared and friendships can be made. This is a core part of La Leche League’s mission which emphasises the important of peer-to-peer support.

In Australia, many families do not have extended family nearby. Many families have support networks in other locations across Australia and world wide. For some families, their ties with extended family and friends have been or lost for a variety of reasons. Many Leaders themselves are parenting in isolation in Australia so can understand the challenges families face.

Our groups and meetings are a great place to find support and connect with others, which often leads to friendship. La Leche League Australia fosters the importance of building up a network of individuals who can support one another through compassion, friendship, respect and love.

If you are looking for connections and friendship, contact us! We have official LLL groups across Australia, and also work with parents in your local community to create “meet up” opportunities that support to establish relationships.

Perhaps you may be interested in becoming a LLL Leader yourself and starting your own official LLL group in your local area. We are a diverse body of Leaders and are always looking for more to join us. Check out our “Interested in Leadership” page for more information on this.